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The Credit Union's Management Team:

  • CEO, Frank Frazzitta
  • Vice President, Lynnette Padilla
  • Accounting Manager, 

And Our CU Mastery Team (Planning for our Future):

  • ​​

Supervisory Committee

PO Box 1625

Amarillo, TX 79105

City Federal Credit Union is privileged to have the leadership of its Board of Directors.  The Board is composed of volunteers who have oversight of the credit union.

The Credit Union's Board of Directors:

  • Chairman, Marc Lusk (retired, Fire Dept.)
  • Assistant Chairman, Thomas Higgins (Police Dept.)
  • Former Chairman, Matthew Langford (Facilities) 
  • Treasurer, Hector Mendoza, (Benefits)
  • Secretary, Cinda Johnson, (Environmental Svcs.)
  • Member, Terry Bates (retired, Fire Dept.)

The Credit Union has an independent committee that has responsibilities of risk and control review.  The supervisory committee serves the primary purposes of:

  • Quality Control Monitor, to ensure that the management and board of the credit union establish practices and procedures to properly safeguard members' assets; 
  • Auditor, to check the accuracy and reliability of accounting data. As such the supervisory committee is responsible for organizing or conducting the annual audit and a member account verification at least every two years;  
  • Ombudsman, to review and investigate members' complaints received directly by the supervisory committee, or for those not resolved to their satisfaction by credit union management. 

The Credit Union's Supervisory Committee:

  • Chairman, Glen Lavender
  • Secretary, Rosemary Robinson 
  • Member, Lupe Quinonez
  • Member,Vacant